Episode 33: Talking Racing in the 90's, Massive injuries, and the transition to 24 hr racing with John Waddell

When I was getting into the sport as an early teen I would often see John Wadell's name in all the big magazines.

As one of the pioneers in the sport, he has seen everything from racing Downhill on a bike with V-Brakes to racing 24-hour events on a bike 10 times safer. The story behind the transition from fast-paced risky downhill to 24-hour races is even crazier than the transition itself. In 2003 John had a huge crash resulting in massive brain trauma and John being in a coma for 26 days. We chat about his rehab and his unbelievable calm attitude towards the recovery.

As always huge shout out to NSDynamics for keeping the podcast going and keeping my bike's suspension running better than ever. Huck The World has also come on board as an official sponsor and now and is offering 10% off to all our listeners using the discount code beyondthetape10. Also FSR media for producing the best quality audio, this podcast would be nothing without him.

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