Huck 2020

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Huck 2020


2020 has been a terrible year throwing uncertainty into all of our lives; this is why we are saying HUCK2020!!!

We would like you to join us in saying Huck 2020 with us by Hucking your bike as hard as you can. 

To celebrate the end of the year and for everybody to send it off with their greatest Huck, Beyond The Tape has gathered some sweet sponsors and holding an epic competition. 

When is it? 

All Entries must be posted between the 1st and 25th of November 2020.  

How do you enter? 

First, you upload a 10-30 second video of your Huck to Instagram (no stories) 

Next, you follow @beyondthetape.podcast, @nsdynamics, @hucktheworldco, @krushoz, and @revolutionmtbmag

When you upload, you must also tag the above in your post along with using the hashtag #huck2020

How is it judged?

Technicality: This criterion will judge the takeoff, terrain, landing, and overall skill needed for the Huck. 

Huckwittery: The size of the Huck, the sound you make when you land, the sketchiness, and overall spirit of the Huck. 

Scenery: This will judge where the Huck is located and the overall look of the Huck. For example, a huck out the front of your house won't be regarded as favourably as a huck in the forest. 

All categories carry the same weight, so if you send it massive with a tech landing, it will outdo a simple small huck in the best location. 

How will a winner be decided? 

On the 25th the top 16 videos will be decided. Based on their similarity, they will be paired with a rival. Using an Instagram poll you, the fans will judge on the top 8, then the top 4, then 1st 2nd, and 3rd. 

What the Huck will you win???

1st Prize 

 $200 NSDynamics Service Voucher

Huck The World Tech Tee 

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine + Issue #59

Krush Oz Bike Care Kit 

2nd Prize

 $100 NSDynamics Service Voucher

Huck The World Hat, Socks and stickers

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine

Krush Oz Rapid Wash + Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser

3rd Prize 

NSDynamics Slapper Tape and Marsh Guard 

Huck The World Socks and stickers

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine

Krush Oz Chain Lube.